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Policy Review Program

A Policy Review is part of an ongoing assessment of your ever-changing needs. We can help you to analyze your existing life insurance to determine if it is appropriate for your needs and whether the type and performance of the life insurance is aligned with your goals.

Chances are, many things have changed since the last time you purchased life insurance. Your needs might have changed, your current coverage could be insufficient, or your existing policies might have underperformed, leaving you at risk for unexpected premiums or taxable events.

Make certain that you are diligently monitoring your insurance needs and existing coverage, just as you monitor your investments. If you work with trustees, they have a fiduciary obligation to guard the trust assets to ensure the grantor’s intent is met and the beneficiaries are cared for.

Questions you need to ask yourself: 

  • Have your needs or situations changed?
  • Is your existing coverage still relevant and cost effective?
  • Is the specific product performance in line with original expectations?

We have the resources to help you to:  

  • Examine current coverage and offer unbiased comments in several important areas
  • Compare the current coverage to your anticipated needs
  • Compare the current coverage to a newer, alternative policy

Anyone is a candidate for a policy review including individuals, business owners, and trustees.

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